Talal Al-Ghunaim Real Estate Company

The company's Talal Al-Ghunaim to invest in real estate property from the sale and the purchase and development of new schemes. Company began Ghunaim Real Estate through the first contribution in the neighborhood Ghannam 1 where were implemented 30% of the neighborhood and then Ghannam 2 and 3 and rolled drawings one by one to a total of more than 50 planned, developed and infrastructure construction have electricity, banks healthy and water. 
Talal Ghunaim real estate development in most parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the total amount of land that has developed more than 16 million square meters and this Madjalna of shareholders in the development of cities in the Kingdom, which is expanding residential range.

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Name Talal Al-Ghunaim Real Estate
Phone No. +966 3 841 2444
Fax +966 3 842 1276
Email info@talal-alghunaim.com
Website www.talal-alghunaim.com
Working Hours Saturday - Thursday
7:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M.

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