Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

Talal Bin Suleiman Al-Ghuneim - Chairman of Board of Directors

The Expansion and great diversity of the activities of Al-Ghunaim Holding Group company needs aconscious board, dedicated and specialized staff (this is what we paid attention to achieve all what we desire of building a board and solid foundation for our investments.

The Ghunaim Holding group of company has a great history and date that expands to tens of years in business and this is what has given us not only experience in management but also confidence in dealings, and that is because the family engaged in selling and buying pearls and trading in its accessories. So, Mugawharat Al-Hasna was one of the Al-Ghunaim Group Company's first projects which was established by Mr.Abdurrahman Al-Ghunaim.

After that, Our company started many other companies up which were characterized by a variety of activities that reaches in total 25 companies including manufacturing engineering, real estate, agriculture, trade, tourism and finance.

First, by Allah willing , then by our adherence to accurate criteria and our economic feasibility study done by our dedicated and specialized team, our success is still continuous as we were distinct, taking into consideration innovation, creativity as great and important promising opportunities.

We have a long and distinguished heritage – and with the help of our staff, our customers, our suppliers, business partners and shareholders – we are dedicated to building an even more successful future.

Talal Bin Sulei Al-Ghuneim
Chairman of Board of Directors